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AERPLAST Ltd. The company was established in 1997 and it has specialized in the design, supply and installation of:


In 2005 the company participated in the presentation ASO. The company provided a full range of products and services.



1.Engineering services

2.Installation services



Miks PS
Kipix Ltd.
ClimaTech Engineering Ltd.
Nova Television
Diema Television
Radmi 90 Ltd.
Sevex Engineering Ltd.
Stilmet AD
LawaBG Ltd,
Sofia Municipality
City constructions AD
Domostroitelen kombinat – Sofia AD
Dana Bissi Ltd.
Sofia Municipality - Krasna Poliana district
Siper - Bulgaria Ltd.
Bulgaria Therm Ltd.
Ian-93 Ltd.
Lilia Hiv Ltd.
Eurocom 2000 Ltd.

and others .


The company is registered and operates as an independent legal entity since october 1997, with main activities: marketing and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In the performance of assigned projects, the company is working with skilled professionals in different fields of construction. The company is specialized in the introduction of new quality materials and making non-standard technical solutions, satisfying the requirements of investors. AERPLAST Ltd. has designed and implemented the following projects:

1. Residental building - "Edison" str. - construction of internal heating system
2. Teletek Ltd. - design and construction of boiler installation and domestic heating installation
3. Premises of Teletek Electronics AD - air conditioning and ventilation
4. Municipality Vrubnitsa - "Vruh Mancho"str. - outdoor plumbing
5. Hotel complex Elitsa - Borovets resort - replacement of internal heating system
6. Suiden Commerce Ltd. - Sofia - manufacturing and office building, warehouse - plumbing indoor and outdoor installation
7. Kraiburg Bulgaria plus Zebra Ltd. - design and reconstruction of industrial building in the parts:
- plumbing - outdoor and internal installation
- heating and ventilation - construction of naphtha installation, including installation of naphtha boiler under high pressure, reconstruction and repair of internal installation in office building
8. Residential building - complex Liulin, "Fortov put" str. - in parts:
- construction of internal heating system
- indoor plumbing installation
- ventilation system in underground garages
9. Administrative building of the Sofia Central Cemetery
- replacement of internal plumbing
- replacement of internal heating system
- construction of ventilation system
10. Reorganization of workshop in the laboratory of control of veterinary
medical products - construction of internal plumbing, heating and ventilation, electric and air conditioning
11. Ministry of Economy - reconstruction in part plumbing
12. Relocating to the Eye Department of III-th city hospital in I-st city hospital MBAL - in part: heating and ventilation, plumbing and air conditioning of operating room and intensive care unit
13. Residential building - "Tsvetna Gradina" str. - building a new heating system and ventilation of underground garages, restaurant, confectionery and fitness.
14. Workshop for tabletting and cutting of finished dosage forms - village Vaksevo : ventilation system
15. Alexander Logistics Ltd. - ventilation equipment in offices and dining-room
16. Kindergarten № 20 Sofia, Liulin complex - reconstruction of the internal heating system
17. Specialized hospital for active treatment of cardiovascular cases (SBALSSZ EAD) - Construction of internal air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems in the intensive care unit
18. Residential building - complex Nadejda, bl. 171 - internal heating system
19. 57 Sports School "St. Naum Ohridski" - Krasna Poliana district - reconstruction and modernization of internal heating system
20. 89 OU - Druzhba 1 complex in Sofia - the repair of indoor heating installation
21. Residential building with offices and garages - "Minzuhar" str. № 5, Lozenets, Sofia - building of internal heating and ventilation systems
22. Residential building - Building Plot 160, square 306, "Princesa Clementina" str. - heating and ventilation
23. Daks - 96 Ltd., Workshop for the manufacture of glass - Sofia, district 9b, building plot II-545 - internal heating and plumbing installations.
24. Residential building - block 22, Lyulin 1,Sofia - current repair, replacement of heating system
25. Office building - building plot VIII, district 1, Lozenets area - air conditioning and ventilation
26. Administrative building and workshop - village Chelopechene - part: HVAC
27. Automotor Corporation AD, Administrative Service Center Citroen Sofia, Bojurishte district - ventilation system
28. Residential building with underground garages, Bansko XII - 771, square 131 - internal heating and ventilation installations
29. Two-storeyed Kindergarten, district 60b, Bulgaria blvd. - heating and ventilation
30. Residential building with underground garages and offices, street "Krichim", Building plot VIII, disrtict.1, Lozenets area, Sofia - heating and ventilation
31. Nova Television, Sofia, Brussels blvd. - air-conditioning of office building, showroom, service and underground garages
32. KRON 2000 Ltd, "Balcho Neikov" str. 5, Iliantsi - Sofia. Warehouse with offices
33. Exposition center - village Novi Han, Part I - air conditioning and ventilation.
34. ZSK Kremikovtzi AD - Workshop for production of concrete elements - construction of a boiler house, pipe system and armature. Office building - air conditioning and ventilation
35. Office building with shops, garages and workshops - Building plot - district 269, Lozenets area, Sofia - indoor heating and ventilation installations
36. Exposition center - village Novi Han, Studios 2, Part II - air conditioning and ventilation
37. Building of the headquarters of the NRA - building of a ventilation installation in the coffee-house
38. Residential building with underground garages - "Mur" str. 39, Manastirski livadi district - heating and ventilation
39. Grand Hotel Velingrad, Cigar bar - reconstruction and modernization of ventilation and air conditioning system
40. Penny Market Asenovgrad – part HVAC
41. Restaurant "Jhretsi na Musite" - Student City, Sofia - reconstruction and modernization in part HVAC

All projects are implemented within the agreed period.




Company Address

Bulgaria, 1756 Sofia, 18 Kliment Ohridski blvd., fl.2

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phone: 02/ 974 44 80
fax: 02/ 974 34 34

contact person : Plamen Stanev /

How to reach us:
By bus No.88, 413, 280 - bus stop at the student hostels - block 7, 8, 9


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Installation and construction projects of central ventilation and air conditioning of exposition center with purpose "The house of Big Brother 4"


Installation and construction projects of central ventilation and air conditioning of exposition center with purpose "The house of Big Brother family "